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Yamaha MX12/4 4-Bus Built-In Digital Effect 12-Channel Mixing Console

Brand: Yamaha

$149.99 - $127.97

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Model: MX12/4

Item Id: 25123042460

Categories:Live & Studio Mixers

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  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Type: Mixing Console
  • Number of Channels: 12
  • Number of Buses: 4
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Model: MX12/4
  • Form Factor: Console/Tabletop


Gain Trim

Gain trim controls with a 44-dB range and LED peak indicators on all mono and stereo inputs facilitate optimum level matching with a wide range of sources.

3-Band Channel EQ

3-band equalization on each input channel can be used to bring out the best in the sound of individual instruments of voices, emphasize a channel in relation to others, blend the sound of several channels, create special effects, reduce noise, and much more.

Monitor and Effects Send

Independent monitor and effect send controls on each channel provide considerable signal-routing flexibility. The effect send output can be switched to function as a second distributed monitor output while the effect send controls feed the MX12/4's internal digital signal processor system.

4-Group Assignments, Panning, and Channel Faders

Smooth, noise-free linear faders make it easy to set up the optimum balance between channels, while odd/even bus assign switches with pan controls allow the input channel signals to be assigned to any or all of the mixer's four group busses. Each group buss has its own linear fader and group output.

Inputs and Level Matching

The MX12/4 has 8 mono input channels with both balanced XLR-type microphone inputs and balanced/unbalanced TRS phone jack line inputs. Switchable phantom power for all balanced inputs provides direct compatability with high-performance phantom-powered condenser microphones. Stereo line sources can be directly connected to either of 2 stereo channels to be used for mono signals.

Channel Insertion

Insert send/return patch points are included on channels 1 through 4 for convenient insertion of compressor/limiters (a must for top quality vocal sound), equalizers, or any other outboard equipment you might need to apply to individual channels.

Built-In Digital Effect

Yamaha is a major name in professional digital signal processing. The same type of technology is packed into the MX12/4 for fuss-free convenience. An internal digital signal processor provides a choice of three high-quality reverb effects – VOCAL, LARGE HALL, and SMALL HALL – so no outboard signal processing equipment is required if all you need is basic reverb.

7-Band Graphic Equalizer

A feature that will be particularly appreciated in sound-reinforcement applications is 7-band graphic equalization on the stereo outputs. Not only does this allow detailed overall response shaping, but it also makes it easy to identify and cut feedback frequencies for effective feedback control.

Handy Rec Outputs and Tape Inputs

Rec outputs provide a line-level stereo output for convenient recording of the main program, while tape inputs with a level control allow the output from a recorder or other line-level source to be added to the console's stereo signal.

Stereo Fader and Balanced Stereo Outputs

A separate stereo fader and balanced stereo outputs can be switched to receive signal either from the odd/even groups or groups 3 and 4 only, according to individual grouping and signal routing requirements.

Master Monitor/Effect Send and Return

The master control section includes master monitor and effect send and return level controls. Stereo external effect return inputs are provided for compatibility with stereo-output effect units. The external effect send and returns can be used at the same time as the internal digital reverb system. In fact, the internal reverb has its own return level controls; one feeding the stereo line and one feeding the monitor bus for "wet" monitoring.

Whats Included

Yamaha MX12/4 Mixing Console


This mixing console is previously owned and inspected fully. There are scratches, wear, and some dents in the metal body from regular use and handling. See images for details. Local pickup only. Shipping is not offered.

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