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Karat Rewards FAQ

How can I enroll in the Pawn America Karat Rewards Program?

You can enroll in PA Karat Rewards by visiting any Pawn America near you. We currently do not offer online enrollment.

What are the Pawn America Karat Rewards Program points worth in Cash Discounts?

Your Karat Rewards points are worth .01 (cent) per point. Earn 100 points for a $1.00 discount that can be applied toward a retail purchase, pawn fees, or extension fees. Earn 1,000 points for a $10.00 cash discount toward a retail or pawn fees. NOTE: Pawn America Karat Rewards Point have no cash value. They can only be used as a cash equivalent discount toward a retail purchase or applied to pawn loan fees for extension or redemption fees.

What level will I be at when I enroll in the Pawn America Karat Rewards Program?

All enrollments begin at Karat Rewards Silver level. As soon as you earn 1,500 points, or more, in the first 12 months of your enrollment, you are elevated to Gold Status. If you earn more than 15,000 points in that first 12-month period, you earn Diamond Status.

How can I earn Karat Rewards Points?

There are several ways you can earn Pawn America Karat Rewards Points:

  1. Retail purchases at our Pawn America store locations,
  2. Selling us product at our pawn counters,
  3. Paying pawn loan fees at our pawn loan counter, fees to extend your loan either in person at our stores or online using MyAccount. You can earn one-time Bonus Points when you:
    1. Enroll in the Pawn America Karat Rewards Program
    2. Using Get A Quote for the first time and completing a loan or selling us the product in that quote.

Please note that currently online retail purchases do not count towards Pawn America Karat Rewards Points.

Can I earn more points in Karat Rewards Gold or Diamond levels than in the Silver level?

Yes. Pawn America Karat Rewards gives you the ability to earn more points as you advance to higher levels. Gold level members earn more points than Silver, and Diamond level earns more than Gold for each qualifying transaction. For example, a $200 retail purchase earns you 100 Karat points at the Silver level, 150 Karat points at the Gold level, or 200 Karat points at the Diamond level.

All points are credited to your account at the end of the business day. You will see the points appear in your Karat Rewards account the day after the qualifying transaction takes place. If you earned points that result in achieving a new level, you will officially be at that level when the points are credited to your account.

How can I redeem points for cash discounts?

You may redeem points in your Pawn America Karat Reward account for retail floor purchases or use them for pawn loan fees or extension fees.

How do I earn Gold level or Diamond level status?

You only need to earn 1,500 points in a 12-month period from your enrollment date to earn Karat Gold level. As you continue to earn points in that same 12-month period and you achieve 15,000 points or more, you will earn Diamond level status.

Once I achieve Gold or Diamond level, how can I retain that level?

Once you achieve Gold or Diamond level status, you will need to continue to earn points in the succeeding 12 months from the date you earned that level to remain in that level. For example, on Feb 1, you exceeded 1,500 points; from Feb 1 to January 31 of the following year, you would need to continue to earn 1,500 new Karat Rewards Points to remain Gold Status for the following 12-month period. If you were to fall short of earning the 1,500 new points by January 31 of the following year, you would revert to silver status. The same example applies to achieving Diamond status, only the points required for that level are 15,000 in the 12-month period.

If I redeem points for a cash discount, and subsequently return an item I purchased and earned points for, could my Karat Rewards Account potentially go negative?

Yes this could happen. If it does, your account will remain negative in points value until you earn enough points sufficient to bring your account into positive points balance once again.

Are my Pawn America Karat Rewards points transferable to another person, family member, spouse, or friend?

The Pawn America Karat Rewards Program points earned by you are only redeemable by you. They are not transferable to any other person.

Can I join Pawn America Karate Rewards without providing my mobile phone number or my email address?

Pawn America Karat Rewards Program requires us to communicate with you about the program benefits, rules, changes to the program, etc. Members of the Pawn America Karat Rewards Program must provide at least 1 form of contact, either your valid and verified mobile number or your valid and verified email address. If at any time you unsubscribe from either mobile or email and we no longer have any way to communicate with you, you will be terminated from earning any additional Karat Rewards points. You may still redeem your current point balance. However, until you resubmit a valid and verified mobile number or valid and verified email address, you will not be able to earn any additional points, nor benefit from any future points bonus options or program benefits for current members.