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Turn Your Jewelry Into Cash (Or a Loan!)

Did you know that you can pawn (receive a loan in exchange for an item of value) or sell your unwanted and unused jewelry for cash on the spot? Pawn America pays more than other stores for your gold, silver, platinum , and gemstones and the process is quick and easy. We accept jewelry in any condition. Broken chain, solo earrings, single pendants, and loose stones! We pawn or sell jewelry to take away the hassle for you trying to value your items and selling them on your own.

Jewelry isn’t something that should be gathering dust, it’s an investment you’ve made and you deserve to be paid for it. Our trained appraisers will weigh, measure and assess your pieces using professional measuring tools and give you a fair price with no obligation. Like what you hear in terms of value? Unlike other gold and jewelry stores, Pawn America will pay you cash on the spot; you do not have to wait until they mail your check weeks or even months later.

Pawning  your jewelry: Need a short term cash loan? Bring in your jewelry. Get CASH. Make payments to repay the loan in order to receive your jewelry back. Want to sell it? Simply keep the money and we keep the item. It is totally up to you! (Pawning is when money is lent in exchange for items of value, with the loan amount based on that item’s value. The item is returned when the loan is paid off or can be surrendered as payment in full.)

Want cash for the item? We will buy it on the spot after our experts inspect it and assess a value. Like what you hear? Simply sell us the item and leave with cash in your pocket.

Come into any one of our locations and bring in your items. and bring in your items. There is no obligation to have us take a look. See you soon!