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Why You Should Buy An Engagement Ring at a Pawn Shop | Blog | Pawn America MN &

If you’re looking for a piece of beautiful, high-quality jewelry pawnshops are a great place to start. You can find a wide selection of jewelry and rings featuring diamonds and precious stones for surprisingly reasonable prices. Beyond price, you can find some truly unique pieces that are fitting for the special person in your life.

Value-Based Pricing

A traditional jeweler has a lot of overhead expenses, including rent, salaries, advertising, utilities, and more. The cost of staying in business is passed to the consumer, often resulting in a very large markup on the jewelry they sell.

A pawn shop owner, on the other hand, knows how much fine jewelry is marked up. When the ring comes up for sale, the pawn shop assesses its worth and offers the consumer a fair price.

Wide Variety

Since major jewelry retailers buy from the same industry purchasing guides, it is not unusual to see the same or very similar pieces in almost every store. Pawn shops, however, carry a wider range of styles. They may have samples from major outlets and jewelry stores, but they will also at times offer custom-made, designer pieces from small, independent boutiques. And since a seller will sometimes bring in an engagement ring only weeks or months after it was originally purchased, it is possible to find a trendy piece for a lower price.


If you’re in the market for a piece of fine jewelry or an engagement ring, come into Pawn America in Burnsville, MN, where you’ll find some great buys at a fraction of the price of traditional stores. You can also buy, sell, or pawn jewelry, antiques, and electronics. Call (952) 435-7296 for more information today, or visit them online to see their selection of jewelry.

 This post was written by our friends at Vivial for our NearSay page