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    What Different Types of Gold Exist?

    Have you ever wondered why there seem to be so many different types of gold? What makes them different from one another? What are Karats? Find out more about Karats and colors of gold below.


    Yellow Gold


    Yellow gold is made by mixing pure gold with silver, copper, and zinc. You’ll know the color for being the purest when you picture “gold” in your mind. Two main pros of owning yellow gold jewelry and items are that it is the most hypoallergenic and easiest to maintain.

    This Diamond Wedding Set Ring In 14k Yellow Gold is available at Pawn America for $269.87.


    White Gold


    White gold is made from pure gold and platinum or can be made of palladium, nickel, and zinc as well. White gold tends to look a little bit more silver. Two main advantages of white gold are that white gold is typically more affordable and durable against scratches.


    This .25ct Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring In 18k White Gold is available at Pawn America for $212.86.


    Rose Gold


    Rose gold is made when gold, copper, and silver are mixed together. Copper is one of the more inexpensive metals, which is also why rose gold can be the most affordable of the three types of gold above. The cost is what makes buying or selling rose gold jewelry a big advantage down the line.



    This .28ctw Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 10k Rose Gold in Size 5.5 is available for $199.99




    Karats depict the amount of pure gold present in the item. If something is 24 Karats it means that it consists of 100% gold. The lower you go through the spectrum the less gold there is in the piece. 10K and 14K pieces contain fewer amounts of gold, so they are typically less expensive. Anything that is not pure gold inside a piece will be a metallic alloy. Alloys allow for the gold to get hardened into the shapes and size that are desirable. 


    Now that you know more about how the colors of gold are achieved, as well as what the Karats are, you can be confident when you decide to sell gold or buy gold in the future. If you would like to buy or sell gold jewelry at Pawn America feel free to stop by one of our 17 store locations throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.