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    We Are The Original Recyclers | Blog | Pawn America MN & WI

    We are the Original Recyclers

    When you hear the word recycling what do you think of? It could be the green recycling symbol. Maybe, it’s the recycling bin where you sort out your cardboard, aluminums, and plastics. It could even be more of the concept around making a conscious effort to reuse items that might have been discarded. At Pawn America, it’s all those things and more!

    Flashback to 2009, we had just adopted the Original Recyclers message as part of our corporate green-friendly initiative. 

    At this point in time, we wanted our message to be consumer-centered, something that showed how much we cared and showcased our authenticity in the pawn shop industry. We contemplated with a few ideas that related to this mentality, but none of them made sense until we reached the concept of recycling. It was something that really stuck with us. After all, we are in the business of recycling merchandise. This is why we consider ourselves to be recyclers! 

    Now that we had developed the recycler’s mentality we still felt our message needed something more. The tricky part was trying to delve inside the minds of our customers to get there. Who are our customers? What do our customers think of us? Why do they come to our stores? And what makes them want to come back?

    Our customers know that we want to give them the best offers for their items and resell them at the best prices. We have a large, ever-changing supply of all types of inventory that is constantly being refreshed. We are always getting more new and used items in! The fact that something could be previously new, but used again made us think more in depth… 

    Not one person has the same reasons for stopping in. Every customer is living their life with their own goals in mind. They’ve had so many different experiences, but what brings them together is shopping at our stores. They come in the store one day and are back another because they know that we care and that they are not going to see the same thing twice. They are purely original and that’s what makes them so great.

    To watch Brad describe the original recycler’s mentality, watch the video (on YouTube)