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Top 7 Dorm Room Essentials

Back-to-school season is among us! If you’re going off to college for the first time, chances are you’ll be staying in the dorms. What better way to get ready for your new life at college than to start stocking up on essentials for the upcoming year?

At Pawn America, we have a wide variety of items to get your dorm room in tip-top shape. We’ve compiled a list of things you may or may not have already thought about purchasing for your new digs.


We live in the age of the internet. When you’re writing term papers, doing homework or even just taking notes in class, you’ll want to make sure you have a great laptop. If you’re editing videos or pictures, researching a topic, playing video games in your down time, you’ll want to choose a laptop that meets your goals. Buying a lightly-used laptop can also save you some serious money. 

Apple A1398 Mid 2012 2.3GHz 15.4" Laptop

Samsung 740U5L Notebook 7 Spin Windows 10 1TB 12GB RAM Core I7 15.6"

HP 3168NGW Laptop Computer Intel I5 7200U 8GB Of Ram 1TB HDD 15.6" Display

2. Headphones

When you’re in a public space listening to music, podcasts, or a recorded lesson plan you’ll want to make sure you have the right pair of headphones. If you’re working out or browsing Netflix you’ll want to make sure they won't fall off. It’s important to choose the right pair of headphones based off of the activities you’ll be doing on a day to day basis. 

AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Open Ear Wireless Bone-Conduction Headphones, Slate Grey, (AS600SG)

Beats Solo3 A1796 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

3. Speakers

On the weekends if you’re chillin’ with friends or studying for that upcoming midterm, the best way to set the mood is by playing music. A good speaker is a great item to keep in mind when looking for items you’ll want to have in your dorm.

4. Television

A television is nice for bonding with your roommate or new friends. It’s perfect for those nights when you don’t know exactly what to do or just need to relax from earlier events in the day. We offer many sizes and brands to help you find the perfect fit for your new space. 

VIZIO E241-A1 24-Inch 1080p 60Hz Razor LED HDTV (2013 Model)

5. Gaming System

It’s important to consider the stresses of school, and sometimes you’ll need to take a break. What better way to take your mind off midterms than with video games. The Xbox 1 and Playstation 4 are two of the most popular gaming systems out there and should be considered when looking to upgrade for your next gaming console. Looking for some new video games to play? We sell tons of titles for under $10!

Sony CUH-1001A PlayStation Four PS4 Bundle - 500GB

6. Coffeemaker 

When you have to get up for those early classes, a cup of joe is the best way to get wake up and caffeinate your day. If you’re pulling an all-nighter, coffee can keep you awake. A good coffee maker is necessary for survival, sometimes. Keurigs offer a quick way to make a single cup so you can make the perfect amount!

Keurig Special Edition K60 K-Cup Brewing System Black

7. Vacuum 

Keeping your room clean is important for both you and your roommate. This may not be one of those items you thought about, but you’ll sure be glad when you do have one for random messes.

Shark UV40026 Navigator Vacuum

When you are shopping for items to spruce up your dorm, stop into Pawn America. Our inventory is constantly changing and you may find something you didn't think you needed at an unmatchable price. We have a wide assortment of products that can help you on your road to becoming a studious scholar!