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Top 4 Items to Sell at a Pawn Shop for Quick Cash | Blog | Pawn America MN & WI

Sell at a Pawn Shop for Quick Cash


From an old guitar to heirloom jewelry that’s collecting dust, pawn shops offer excellent deals for your unwanted items. Pawn America in Burnsville, MN, has been in the business for over 30 years. According to the team, some items are much more likely to sell and command a high price than others. Here are four of the best items to pawn.

4 Items to Sell at a Pawn Shop for Quick Cash

1. Jewelry & Precious Metals 

Authentic jewelry, including precious gemstones, diamonds, gold, and silver, is the most valuable item to pawn. Antiques and high-end pieces will get you the highest return, but you can also bring in scrap pieces, which can be used to create new items. Coins, Bars, and flatware made of precious metals are also valuable for resale. As with jewelry, antiques and rare items command the highest price, but scraps can quickly add up to a decent payment as well. 

2. Electronics 

New, high-end electronics are a hot-ticket item in pawn shops. These include laptops, tablets, smartphones, video game systems, televisions, digital cameras, and music equipment such as stereo systems and amplifiers. Many people go to a pawn shop first rather than paying a hefty price at a tech store, so these items tend to sell quickly.

3. Firearms 

Most pawn shops are happy to buy firearms because they retain their retail value better than many items. Bring your unloaded pistols, rifles, handguns, revolvers, and shotguns in a locked case. You’ll also need to hand over the license. Keep in mind every state has laws regarding buying and selling guns in pawn shops. Ask the store about state regulations and what types of firearms they can accept.

4. Musical Instruments 

Musical instruments are another hot seller in pawn shops. Electric and acoustic guitars and basses, violins and cellos, horns, clarinets, and drums are some of the most popular items. Top brands include Gibson®, Fender®, and Yamaha®. The price will depend on the brand, type, and condition of the instrument. 

Do you have any of these items laying around? Head to your local pawnshop to cash in or trade. If you’re in Dakota County, stop by Pawn America. This family-oriented business is dedicated to offering sellers and buyers fair prices on everything from jewelry and antiques to electronics and sporting equipment. Call (952) 435-7296 to speak with a friendly staff member. Or, visit the website for answers to some frequently asked questions.

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