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Top 3 Reasons To Buy Designer From A Pawnshop

1. Enjoy Incredible Discounts


No one likes paying top dollar. Fortunately, when you head to the pawnshop, you can receive genuine designer handbags, sunglasses, and watches for a fraction of the price of buying used, like new at our store. Since designer bags, sunglasses, and jewelry often depreciates quickly upon purchase, used pieces offer an idyllic buyers’ market.


2. Authenticity Checks


Everyone has seen advertisements online for a pair of “Ray-Ban” sunglasses, or an expensive watch for up to 80% off. This seems too good to be true, and it always is. These sites sell cheaper made replicas of your favorite brands for bottom dollar. At Pawn Americawe conduct authenticity checks that assess the validity of pawned, designer items. We work closely with law enforcement as we are highly regulated as well. We report to local and federal law enforcement officials, and train our staff to be on the lookout for and identify stolen property. Every pawn transaction is shared with police departments nationwide. Less than 1% of items are identified as stolen goods.


3. Enjoy the Hunt

Searching for the product you want is half of the fun. At a pawnshop, our inventory rotates frequently as designer clothes and handbags sell fast. When popular hot-ticket products appear on our website you can request them online and head to the brick and mortar location to pick it up! Since inventory comes and goes at a quick pace, coming into any of our locations provides a fun, new experience each visit for any designer-hunter.

Stop by one of our store locations throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin or online today to find a major deal on pre-loved designer goods today!