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    Top 3 Considerations When Picking out Your Jewelry

    The right choice of jewelry can make or break an outfit. It can also add something new to a favorite outfit. Wondering what to look for when you’re thinking about making a jewelry purchase? You’ve come to the right place.


    First things First…

    Jewelry is all about self expression. You have to like what you get and should think long term if it is a spendier purchase. Does most of your clothing go with gold or silver? Do you like expressive jewelry that your friends won’t be able to not comment on or would you rather have delicate pieces that you wear for yourself? What are some of your favorite things to wear and how could a piece of jewelry accentuate your style? While trendier pieces of jewelry can be fun to get right now, you can’t say with confidence that you’ll love them in the future. This is why it’s important to decide which items can last the longest in your life as they are investments for your future.


    Wrist Candy is For Everyone


    Everyone, and yes we mean everyone, needs a solid watch that they enjoy wearing. A watch not only tells the time, but it can also be a story-teller about the person wearing it. This accessory is often one that gets people talking and can make for a great conversation starter. Whatever the brand of your watch, you can feel good about the fact that watches generally do not depreciate in cost over time as well. We carry a wide variety of brands like Gucci , TAG Heuer, Michael Kors, Apple, and more and know that they are one of those jewelry items that often stand the test of time.


    Everyday Comfort


    Consider your day job... Are you often giving presentations could you be easily distracted by a dangling necklace or earrings? Are you working with your hands? It could be a bad decision to have a ring or bracelet that gets dirty or in the way of your work. Whatever jewelry you decide to wear, you want it to be comfortable in your life. If you’re deciding on buying a necklace, ring, earrings or anything else think about what you wear on a day-to-day basis. What piece you purchase makes you the most confident, is how you know you’re making the best decision for you.


    When making the decision to purchase jewelry keep in mind that the piece or pieces you buy should be used as a way to express yourself, watches never go out of style, and being comfortable is a must. When you consider these as guidelines when making your next jewelry purchase, regardless of budget, there’s no way you can make the wrong decision. At Pawn America we get in new inventory of jewelry each and every day. Looking for gold rings, silver necklaces or brand-name watches? We have you covered. Shop online or in-store today!