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Styling 3 Simple Gold and Silver Jewelry Pieces for Men

When you think of the word jewelry, what comes to mind first? Often times jewelry advertisements are geared more toward specific pieces of jewelry more commonly worn by women. We know that jewelry is anyone's game and thought we would showcase traditional mens jewelry pieces like tie tacs, necklaces, rings and more that can add a lot to a man’s everyday look. Here are a few important pieces of jewelry for the everyday man.

Gold and Silver Chains

Men’s necklaces and chains are very stylish accessories. You can usually pair a gold chain or silver chain with any type of clothing. A button-down top or a basic tee can both be amazing wardrobe decisions to wear with a chain. Chains are very versatile and can show how the minimal effort of latching the back hook can show some added effort into an outfit choice.

Gold and Silver Watches

Gold and silver watches should be a necessity in every man’s wardrobe. They are one of the most simple ways to spice up your wardrobe. Rolex, TAG Heuer, and the like are brands we regularly carry at Pawn America. Watches can easily up your game at an interview, out and about in public, or even on a first date.

Gold and Silver Rings

Gold and silver rings, outside of engagement or wedding rings, are typically statement pieces. We carry all of the above at our stores. Typically one or two rings on a hand a time is a good rule of thumb for styling these. When looking for a ring, think texture as the texture can make your ring pop.

When you want to stand out or try something new in your current style routine, start with accessories. Sometimes it can be the small details that people notice the most. Shop available men’s jewelry at Pawn America today.