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Selling Gold – It’s Easier Than You Think | Blog | Pawn America MN & WI

Selling Gold – It’s Easier than You Think

Many jewelry boxes have evolved into overwhelming, overstuffed archives of unworn necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. If you have pieces that haven’t seen the light of day in years, you’re not alone. It’s all too relatable; the jewelry you were gifted, the jewelry you inherited, the jewelry that was in style a decade ago that you now think is heinous. It’s a commonly shared burden, unwanted gold jewelry lying around, and we have a solution that’ll also earn you some cold hard cash.

We buy gold – it’s as simple as that. Gold buying has evolved over the years, and the process has streamlined to become fast, easy and convenient. In today’s society, it seems as though there’s a business on every street and during every TV commercial break that advertises gold buying, promising to offer you the best price in town. In our stores, your pieces are weighed and measured with professional tools by a trained appraiser right in front of you, and you walk out with the cash from your item the same day. Selling your gold isn’t as complex as you may think, we’ll break it down for you step by step.

Bring Your Gold In: Locate any gold jewelry pieces you’d like to sell. Any condition, style, size, color, such as rose gold, yellow gold or white gold, and any US standard karat weight of gold jewelry can be sold to any of our store locations. Whether it’s damaged, scuffed and dull or polished and immaculate, all gold can be sold.

Gold Assessment: Our trained appraisers at the pawn counter will assess your jewelry to identify any metal hallmarks, such as the metal content, designer, manufacturer and country of origin using a jeweler’s loupe. Stamped hallmarks can greatly affect the value of your gold jewelry. Next, an Auracle AGT3 Digital Gold & Platinum Testing Station is used to verify and confirm the finesses of gold your jewelry. If needed, a file may be used to test the gold for plating.

Click here to learn more about gold finesse

Pricing: The two main factors that determine the price of your gold is the karat weight and physical weight of the gold, which are priced in DWT (pennyweights, the gold unit of measure used by jewelers worldwide). Based on the DWT of your gold, a price is calculated using the current Kitco gold market price. Our brokers check this multiple times throughout the day to have the most accurate price reading. Before a price is offered to you, brokers will also take the item’s condition and hallmarks into consideration. 

Cash Offer: Once your gold jewelry assessment is complete, a cash offer will be provided to you. If accepted, you walk away with the cash in your pocket, and not a check mailed to you at a later date. 

The best part about this entire process? A typical transaction for a single piece of jewelry lasts less than 5 minutes to complete! Fast, easy, convenient and much less painful than you probably thought. There’s no reason to hold on to jewelry you don’t enjoy or wear, especially if you can sell it for cash on the spot!

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