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Pre-winter cleanout- Get the Most this Winter

Pre-Winter Cleanout- Get the Most this Winter


With temperatures steadily cooling down, it’s the perfect time to stock up for winter before it truly gets cold.

Get ahead of the weather and stock up for a true northern winter. Minnesota and Wisconsin are both known for their below zero temperatures in the winter, and it just so happens that all of our store locations are housed in these wonderful states. We have new products coming through our doors every day. All of our pawn shops have a variety of items, even items made for cold weather. 


Maybe you want to take up a new winter activity this winter… Did you know we have snowboards, ski goggles, and snow shoes among other items that you can find in our stores?

Here’s a few examples of items we have in store:

GNU Snowboard - Black & White


Maybe you’re more of the stay inside and avoid the cold type… Did you know we have space heaters like the one below?

Trusted Comfort A5551B Heater


Maybe you’re in the middle of both of these types of people… You can be outside shoveling your driveway one minute, but inside sipping hot cocoa the next. Did you know we sell items like snow plows, snow blowers, and shovels in our stores, too?

Power Shovel 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower


Check out one of our 18 store locations for any these items. We constantly update our inventory so it’s important to get an item while it’s hot.

There’s always the option to bring in your lightly used items to one of our stores to get cash for all your winter neecs. Have you been eyeing up a new winter jacket or some new snow boots? Selling the goods you no longer use is another great way to prepare for this year’s cold weather. We give you cash on the spot. Pawn, buy, or sell something at one of our stores today!