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Pawning Perception vs Reality: Changing the Stereotype | Blog | Pawn America MN

Pawning Perception Vs. Reality: Changing the Stereotype


Hollywood is known for depicting pawn shops as sketchy places on the wrong side of town where illegal transactions are conducted in run-down, dimly lit shops. This could not be further from our truth! 

At Pawn America, our stores are located in busy areas of commerce and are often next to regional shopping centers. We put the safety and comfort of our shoppers as the highest priority and know that this is a factor in our customer base’s continued business with us. We choose to locate our stores in familiar areas of town where families feel safe. We operate our business where people want to be.


We believe that when our customers win, we win. Communication is the most important step in this process. We are upfront about our pricing structure and the deciding factors for loan amounts and understand that transparency is key. We determine all rates fairly by looking at the item’s current appraised value, condition, and our ability to sell. In addition to the services we offer, providing clean, bright and professional facilities for our customers to enjoy 

No Profit in Stolen Goods

We receive no profit from stolen goods. We work closely with local and federal law enforcement and every pawn transaction is shared with police departments nationwide. Working together with law enforcement, stolen items are returned to the person it was stolen from, and we will never knowingly take in stolen merchandise for resale. Being regulated and following all federal laws helps us make not only the best business decisions for our customers but also for ourselves. 

We strive to have the best rapport with our community so they know that we are a trustworthy business. Being transparent with our process helps build a bond of trust with them as well and makes our business safer and more efficient.

We believe in a business built on trust and our reputation is important to us, just listen to founder, Brad Rixmann discuss the topic further: 

We try to be as open as possible with our customers. Whether visiting our website or stopping in to visit one of our 18 stores, know that we hold our namesake to the highest possible standards and our customers at the heart of our business. We invite you to explore our page now!