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New Pawn or Sell (Get a Quote) Estimate Button

New Pawn or Sell (Get a Quote) Estimate Button

Did you know that we recently added a “Pawn or Sell, Get a Quote” estimate button to our website? This will make us better able to help more guests that’re curious about the estimated pawning value of their item without having to leave the comfort of their home! We always put our guests first in our stores and want help them before they even step foot in one of our physical store locations. This is just one of the many ways we continually remain cutting edge in the pawning industry. 


How to use the button:

When you press the red button on the top right-hand side of our Pawn America webpage you will be prompted to another webpage that asks you whether you are looking for information on pawning or selling consumer products such as: TV’s, cameras, stereo equipment, tools, laptops, computers, smart phones, lawn equipment (and more) or jewelry products. Click on the appropriate option for your needs.

Another web page will then load asking for your information on the product(s) you are inquiring about. You will need to fill out each section with an (*) Asterix and press submit when you are done. 

Pro-Tip: Creating a Pawn America account is required; however, your information will be auto filled in for you each time you use Get A Quote when logged in.

Once you press submit, your information will be sent to a pawnbroker at the Pawn America store you selected, where they will review the information you filled out on the on the quote submission and provide you with their estimated quote. All quote requests will be replied to in the same business day during regular business hours, or next day if received after business hours. Most quotes will be replied to within 1 hour! When their quote is complete, you’ll be notified via email with a link that takes you directly to your Pawn America account to view the completed quote. It’s a simple as that!

Interested in getting even more money for your item(s)?


Disclaimer: Our response is only an estimate and not a guarantee to loan or buy until inspected and evaluated. For an actual offer make sure your items are clean and functional then bring them into your closest Pawn America location. Must have a valid state issued ID present with item brought in for inspection and you must be the rightful owner of the item you are pawning/selling.