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Looking Back at 2019

Online Services

We piloted our “Get A Quote” online program in 2019. This was a big change and monumental, in our eyes, to help us remain on top of changing trends in our industry. With our “Get a Quote” tool, you can get the potential dollar amount we could offer you on an item you’d like to bring in to pawn or sell before you ever step foot in our store. You simply create a Pawn America account, fill out the requested information about your item, attach pictures and we give you a quote for your item(s) as soon as possible. In-store, we are constantly training our employees in all areas of pawning, buying, and selling. We believe in our staff and want them to be consistent in their promises to guest relations at all times.

Guests Services

 We decided that we don’t like the traditional use of the word, customers. However, we do believe in our guests. When we stopped thinking about how customers can benefit us and how we can better help guests our focus changed into being guest-centric. We are only able to do our job when our guests are happy with our work. We love our guests and want them to feel at ease in our stores as soon as they step inside. As soon as you get to one of our locations we always make sure that there is an extra effort to greet and welcome everyone who enters, answer all questions in a timely manner, and help in any other way we possibly can. Guests are our main focus at all times. If you have any ideas on how we can better our service offerings in 2020, please let us know by emailing


Community Involvement

This past year, we were able to help raise $50,000 for Kids Feeding Kids through the Boys and Girls Clubs throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin through donations, time, and commitment to helping put on the Heart of the City Race in Burnsville, Minnesota. We believe that a healthy community starts with raising kids to grow into happy and healthy adults. Kids Feeding Kids place an emphasis on children learning to cook and cultivate nutritiously options to fill their bellies and pass that information on to their friends and family. We were excited to raise more money than we ever had before and have the race becomes a landmark event within the city of Burnsville as well.

We’ve always been strong in our offerings of pawning, buying, and being a one-off retail item selling store, both in-store and online. We’d like to make that even stronger this year through the use of our “Get A Quote” feature and our accessibility online. Our social media presence matters to us and we want to find creative and tactile ways of using both in-store and online happenings to bolster communication with our store representatives and guests. This year was one for the record books, but going into 2020 we hope to grow more in knowledge and presence.