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Jewelry Done Right

It is important to find the right piece of jewelry for your friend or relative when on the hunt for a present or gift. It is also essential to find the perfect engagement ring for that significant other of yours. This is not to say the entire process is without its difficulties. Pawn shops like Pawn America can be a great resource to find jewelry that looks just as good as brand new, but with a significantly lower price tag.


The jewelry that gets brought into any of our store locations is carefully examined at the pawn counters, then refurbished by our team of professional jewelers to look like new. When we get a piece of jewelry in, it is not automatically taken from the pawn counter to our display windows. We hand over the jewelry to professional jewelers who have the knowledge to best reshape, resize, and overall improve the quality of the piece to make it look like new. Then and only then, we are able to more accurately give detailed descriptions as well as price the piece.



During the process, the piece will be cleaned and examined to make sure nothing is loose, and any chips, scrapes, scratches, or any other inconsistencies are buffed smooth. Our professional jewelers do their best to make sure every piece looks like it came straight from the original manufacturers. Our goal is to take the diamond sparkle and to make every metallic band shine.


The entire process ensures that we are giving our customers the best deal as well as quality when they decide to purchase jewelry from us. All in all, we believe in quality over quantity. We take pride in knowing that all of our customers will be satisfied with any product we sell because we wouldn't sell anything that is not up to par. We want whoever the customer is to know that they are getting only the best from our stores.