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Introducing the Signature Collection by Pawn America | Blog | Pawn America MN &

Imagine this; beautiful, genuine gemstone rings in a plethora of cuts, shapes, and sizes that are set in solid sterling silver and are actually affordable, allowing you to create a custom-designed set for a reasonable price. Staying on trend and creating your own custom jewelry ensembles shouldn’t have to break the bank, and skimping on quality to achieve a lower price point is a problem we wanted to find a solution for. 

If you are a gemstone fanatic, sterling silver buff, and lover of bling, you might be familiar with the marketplace and costs associated with these natural beauties. For a simple, stackable gemstone ring you may pay upwards to hundreds of dollars for a single piece at other jewelry stores and online retailers. The inflation of those prices, coupled with the perception of MSRP vs value got us to thinking. How can we provide the same high-quality craftsmanship of beautiful, genuine gemstone rings that’ll allow our customers to bring their gem-filled visions to life? 

We cut out the middleman. 

Designed and created exclusively by our own in-house designers, our Signature Collection Jewelry line by Pawn America features exquisite, brand new modern pieces crafted from high-quality precious metals and beautiful diamonds and gemstones at an inimitable value. Currently available only online, the Signature Collection by Pawn America offers a custom design approach for every look and occasion with an assortment of jewelry tailorable to your own preferences. Indulge yourself in fine natural gemstone sterling jewelry or 14kt white or yellow gold genuine diamond earrings, all at prices so low you can buy as many as you want!

We proudly introduce this new line and invite you to peruse our Signature Collection: Click to Shop Now