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    How to Tell If Your Gold Is Real

    Investing in gold jewelry is a beautiful way to accessorize and maintain something of value to sell or trade later in life. That being said, many gold buyers meet customers who have purchased imitation or less valuable gold items under false pretenses. If you’re shopping for gold jewelry or collectibles, here are a few ways to determine the material’s authenticity.

    1. Visual Inspection

    Start by performing a visual inspection of your gold jewelry in good lighting. Use a magnifying glass to locate a stamp or marking. Jewelry clasps, coins, or the inner band of a ring will include this numerical marking. Depending on the number, you’ll know the karats. 24 karat gold is considered pure gold, so look for pieces marked 999 in Europe or 24K in the US.

    2. Visit a Pawn Shop With a Gold Buyer

    When in doubt or when you’re ready to find out the current market value of your piece, visit a reputable local pawn shop with an in-house gold buyer. This professional can evaluate your gold jewelry to help you understand its condition and whether it’s pure or plated gold. After they have helped you determine whether you have real gold or not, you can decide your next course of action, whether it is keeping it as a treasured heirloom, trading it in, or taking a cash offer.

    3. Water Test

    Pure gold is a dense metal. One way to determine a piece’s density is to fill a jug with room temperature water and drop your gold jewelry into it. Pure gold will sink to the bottom where a gold plated piece may float to the top or linger somewhere in between. Once you remove the piece, check for signs of rust or tarnish. Real gold doesn’t rust, so that’s a clear sign you have a plated or imitation piece on your hands.

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