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How to Purge a Jewelry Box

Every so often jewelry boxes need a purge to get rid of old pieces or items you no longer need. Cleaning out jewelry also lets you assess the condition of your favorite pieces to see if they need repairs. Below are a few tips to get started.

How to Purge a Jewelry Box


1. Keep Sentimental Pieces

Any heirlooms or sentimental pieces should be kept in a safe spot. If you plan to keep them, make sure they are not tangled or damaged, and have them cleaned before storing again. For antiques, have an expert in vintage pieces restore them. If it is time to pass down heirlooms, create a separate area, so you know what you plan to give away.

2. Clean Pieces

Most pieces can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush and a mild dishwashing soap. For silver, use one part water three parts baking soda and dab to remove tarnish. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning them on your own, carefully store your pieces in a jewelry bag or smaller box, and bring them to a shop. Leave space for these pieces in your jewelry box for when they are cleaned and ready to be stored.

3. Make a Repair Pile


Inspect clasps, prongs, and chains for damage, and put them aside for jewelry repair. If you have older pieces with certain components you like, but you do not wear them anymore, bring those to the jewelry shop to discuss repurposing options.

4. Create a Pawn Shop List

For pieces, you do not want to keep, create a list to sell to a pawn shop. Selling these items makes space for new pieces, and it also earns you a little extra cash from older, unwanted pieces. Pawn shops will perform jewelry appraisals, so you know what your items are worth.

5. Take Inventory

As you clean, make a list, so you have a detailed inventory of what your jewelry box now contains. Take digital photos, and store descriptions and images somewhere safe in case you ever need to make an insurance claim for damaged or missing items.

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This blog was written by our friends at Vival for our NearSay page!