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    PS4 vs Xbox One

    As the temperatures continue to drop and the holiday season is fast approaching, everyone’s to-do list is growing by the day. Purchasing gifts, whether for you or someone else has become a constant, top-of-mind thought. Each holiday season, gaming consoles are consistently at topping many people’s wish lists, and buying your first or next gaming console can be a hassle if you don’t have all the facts in one place. We have compiled a comparative list with some of the most important determining factors to consider when deciding between a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox One. Which console is a better fit for you?

    Xbox One (Microsoft)

    1. Smaller device (11.6 x 8.9 x 2.5 inches)
    2. Does not have an internal power brick, but keeps the system cool while in use
    3. More powerful central processing units means the calculations within the game (things like the environment and simulations) compute quicker
    4. Less powerful graphics processing units (GPU)
    5. Controller is compact, with staggered joysticks
    6. Game sharing is possible, so if you purchase a game you can send the game to one of your friends to play free on their end
    7. Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Program lets users continue to enjoy games that made their debut on the Xbox 360
    8. Unique ability to transmit a cable box TV signal, allowing a quick switch between playing a game and watching a show
    9. Has more ports on its rear
    10. Cannot upgrade internal hard drive
    11. User-friendly interface has a boxier, ever-evolving format to access different applications

    PS4 (Sony)

    1. Larger device (13.5 in x 10.4 in x 3.2 inches)
    2. Has an external power brick that allows for continuous play
    3. Less powerful CPU
    4. More powerful GPU
    5. Higher, better resolution
    6. Share Play lets anyone with a PS4 console either play along or watch your screen
    7. Controller is skinnier and longer, with adjacent joysticks
    8. Larger, more exclusive video game library
    9. Has the ability to upgrade the internal hard drive
    10. Games tend to be cheaper
    11. Sleek interface uses a tiered design layout that leads you to the desired application


    1. Support the use of external hard drives
    2. Have access to online TV services
    3. Ability to stream Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, Spotify
    4. Virtual Reality Support
    5. Systems have 8GB of RAM for overall for storage
    6. HDMI Ports available on both
    7. Can connect to Blu-ray
    8. 500 GB of storage
    9. Motion-sensing options are available (PS4Eye with the PS4 and Kinect 2.0 with the Xbox)

    The most important functionalities of a gaming console will differ from person to person, and selecting the correct system will directly affect the user experience and overall enjoyment.  We’ll leave which console to choose up to you, happy shopping! 

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