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Gemstones and Diamonds: What Makes the Cut?

Choosing a diamond and gemstone shape is all about personal preference. With many shapes and cuts to pick from, there is one for every taste and style.

Choosing a Shape

A diamond or precious gem shape refers to its physical form and each one is very different,  with its own characteristics. A stonecutter makes a decision on how best to cut the stone to showcase its natural beauty. The shape and cut will have an impact on the appearance of your stone, giving each shape a unique fire and brilliance. Some of the most popular shapes and cuts are round or oval, cabochon, pear, emerald, princess, heart-shaped and marquise.

Experts On-Site

We have certified, graduate GIA Gemologists and Master Goldsmiths on staff who assess, inspect, and polish the jewelry we sell in our stores. In addition, we have trained appraisers behind the pawn counters who are ready to answer any questions you may have. Each of these experts can walk you through the various cuts of the stones or diamonds so that you too become an expert on what cut and shape strikes your fancy.

Protect Your Investment

Another practical consideration when investing in a piece of jewelry is whether a store will stand behind what they are selling. At Pawn America, we offer a lifetime jewelry care plan so you can shop without the stress of whether you are getting something that will stand the test of time. I don’t know of another way that you get that kind of guarantee on a renewed jewelry piece except through the experts at Pawn America.