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Designer Accessories for Less

Buying new on-trend designer accessories can make a dent in your wallet if you’re purchasing them from department stores or the manufacturer’s website. Pawn shops offer another great alternative for shopping designer accessories, such as shoes, purses, wallets and sunglasses, for a fraction of the price while still maintaining the same quality level as buying new. When people think of shopping at pawn shops, the top of mind categories filling the shelves include jewelry, electronics and tools. Many forget that designer accessories are a hot item to pawn or sell because they come with a high price tag, making them a desirable item when fast cash is needed. Because of that, high end designer brands like Michael Kors, Coach, Ray-Ban, Oakley and Kate Spade can often be found in pawn shops. Pawn America has a fluctuating and diverse inventory of designer accessories and we are excited to announce that they have recently been added to our website. Below are a few popular categories you’ll find both in stores an online!


From classic and sporty like Ray-Bans and Oakley to glamorous and trendy like Versace and Gucci, we have carried the hottest brands at the hottest price. Most new designer sunglasses cost upwards of hundreds of dollars, but you can find the exact same styles for half that at Pawn America!