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3 Tips for Getting the Most When Visiting a Local Gold Buyer

1. Clean Your Gold

Buildup can collect around hinges, joints, and latches, so clean it before bringing it to the gold buyer. Cleaning it will show off the beautiful quality and all of its details, making it easier for the jewelry buyer or pawn broker to determine the price. Create a solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water to clean your pieces or take it to a professional. You will see a return when you receive an estimate.

2. Bring Documentation

If you received paperwork when purchasing the gold jewelry you want to sell, bring it with you. Certifications or past appraisals will ensure you’ll receive a fair price. This is especially true for gold pieces that also contain diamonds and other precious stones.

3. Shop Around

When selling your gold, shopping around is a great way to ensure you receive a competitive price for your pieces. If you visit a local pawn shop, or gold buyer and aren’t happy with the price you’ve been quoted, take your business elsewhere. Having your jewelry re-appraised can help you get what it’s worth when selling it.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can get the most cash possible for your jewelry when visiting a gold buyer. To learn more about the process or have your pieces appraised, contact Pawn America in Burnsville, MN. They’ve been one of the area’s leading jewelry and collectible shops for more than 30 years, providing outstanding customer service and affordable prices. Call them today at (952) 435-7296 to learn more about what they do, and visit them online for a more about their services.