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3 Best Practices for Buying Antiques From a Pawn Shop


A Guide to Buying Antique Furniture at a Pawn Shop: 

Pawn shops are filled with hidden treasures. If you’re an antique collector, you’ll be impressed by the selection of old-world furnishings. Adding them to your home is an effortless way to refresh your living space and add something “new” to the mix. But to ensure a successful purchase, it’s best to head to the shop with a few best practices in mind. Here are some tips for buying antique furniture at the pawn store.

1. Inspect the Hardware

You can tell a lot about a piece of furniture by the condition and placement of its hardware. In older pieces, for example, a drawer handle or pull will feature secure posts and nuts on the backside of the door. If you merely see a flathead screw, you’re likely dealing with a piece that isn’t an antique after all.

2. Check the Workmanship

Antique furniture is naturally delicate, but many pieces prove they can stand the test of time. Check out the drawer in particular; it should be a “dovetail” design that features securing joints connecting both sides of the drawer with the front panel. In those inner corners, you should also see incisions that indicate the notches were hand cut. Handmade pieces are a strong indication of a piece’s quality and longevity.

3. Examine Any Damage

Take the time to inspect antiques closely. Minor imperfections may exist on the feet or legs of pieces that were frequently moved around. Don’t be alarmed if there are cracks in the finish — these are natural changes that occur in response to fluctuating temperatures. It’s not a sign of damage, and it can add to the charm of furniture constructed in a different century. Additionally, it’s not unusual for color variations to show. Older pieces may look darker, or even look a little mottled or unfinished. Those are the results of time.

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This blog was written by our friends at Vival for our NearSay page!