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How Much Does A Used Snap On Tool Box Cost?

Snap On has long been a go to brand name that for many is synonymous with high-quality, durable, long-lasting tools. That being said, Snap On quality does come with a significantly higher price tag than other leading tool brands. Snap On’s high price point is often considered well worth the extra expense for most dedicated tool aficionados. For starters, Snap On have a solid reputation for lasting well over a lifetime of use, and having a strong resale value on the second hand market. So what should you expect to pay for a used Snap On Tool Box, or used set of Snap On Tools.

We have created this article to act as a used Snap On Tool Box price guide to help guide you through the various factors that go into determining a fair Used Snap On Tool Box Value.

How Can You Tell If A Snap-On Tool Box Is Real?

Tool Set (Photo by Pixabay)


First, let's start by making sure that those used scratch and dent Snap On tool boxes you have your eye on are truly authentic Snap On products. The key to determining the authenticity, as well as other valuable information about any Snap On product can be found in the etched, or engraved alpha-numeric code located on authentic Snap On tools and tool boxes.


This alpha-numeric identification code can generally be found on the back side of a Snap On tool box. The first number in the code will be the year that the tool box was manufactured. Following this manufacture date, you will find what is known as a  “K-series” code that is used to identify the specific type, and size of the specific Snap On tool box. This code may begin with a single letter "K", or  a series of letters including "KT", "KR",  or "KRA".  The final series of numbers that follow the K-series code will be the unique product number for the individual tool box.


With the series of letters and numbers contained in this code, you can visit the world wide web to research the various Snap On codes and ensure that the Used Snap On tool box, or tools that you are considering purchasing match the coding so that you can be assured that you are buying an authentic Snap On product.

How Do You Date Old Snap On Tools?

Dating Snap On Tools (Photo by cottonbro)


That brings us to the next question that most people ask when it comes to researching and buying a Used Snap On Tool Box or Snap On tools, “How do you date old Snap On tools?”.


Once again, the same code that is used to determine the authenticity of a used Snap On tool box or used Snap On tools can be used to provide the date that the tool box or tools were originally manufactured. The first digits of this identification code provide the date that the particular Snap On tool box or Snap On tool was manufactured, allowing you to determine the age, and value of any used Snap On tool box or Snap On tool that you are considering purchasing.

Does Snap-On Have A Buyback Program?

Snap On Buyback Program (Photo by Artem Podrez)


When it comes to selling a used Snap On tool box, or used Snap On tools, people often wonder if Snap On offers a buyback program, and whether taking advantage of an official buyback program is a better option than selling or pawning used Snap On tool boxes or tools.


The short answer is, “Yes”, Snap On does offer a buyback program. That being said, because Snap On tools are distributed, and sold by independent franchised sales people, the distributor is often unable to offer the same return that you would be able to receive were you to sell or pawn your used Snap On tool box, or old Snap On tools. As a general rule of thumb, most independent Snap On distributors are able to offer no more than 30% of the original price when buying back used Snap On tool boxes or tools.

Does Snap-On Make Tools For Other Companies?

Snap On Tool Manufacturers (Photo by Pixabay)


The Snap On brand has been a leading manufacturer in the tool industry for nearly a century. In that time Snap On has merged with, or acquired a wide variety of high quality tool brands, manufacturers, and service providers around the globe. Snap On does not manufacture tools for other companies however Snap On is affiliated with, or directly owns or operates a wide variety of other products, services and brands.


Snap On Products & Services


Many of Snap On’s subsidiary brands and services are involved in other arenas outside of the automotive tool manufacturing and distribution realm. For example, Auto Crib asset tracking solutions, autoVHC electronic vehicle health check systems, Blackhawk collision repair equipment, Cartec testing equipment, and other innovative automotive repair brands and services all fall under the larger umbrella of the Snap On tool company.


Snap On Subsidiaries


That being said, Snap On does own and operate several other tool manufacturers including the Blue- Point Tool Company, CDI Torque Products, Irimo, Lindstrom, Norbar Torque Tools, Sioux, Sturtevant Richmont, Williams, and more. The vast majority of these alternative brands are leaders in their own right, and most produce specialty tools dedicated to a specific industry purpose.


When it comes to tool boxes, the only tool boxes produced by the Snap On brand are produced exclusively under the official Snap On moniker.

Are Snap On Tool Boxes Made In China?

The Snap On company is headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The vast majority of officially labeled Snap On products are produced in the United States. However, select tools, equipment, and service solutions are produced outside the United States through Snap On’s network of subsidiaries located throughout Europe and China.

Snap On Tool Box & Tool Manufacturing Facilities


When it comes to officially labeled Snap On tools and tool boxes, the bulk of production takes place at the company’s main manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Additional production takes place at other manufacturing facilities located in the US states of Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Select Snap On components, namely battery packs and chargers for electronic, and powered Snap On equipment, are manufactured at factories located in Taiwan and mainland China. 


Snap On tool boxes are manufactured wholly within the United States.

Where Can You Find The Best Deals On Used Snap On Tool Boxes?

Used Snap On Tools (Photo by cottonbro)


Whether you are looking to purchase a set of Used Snap On tools, or an older Snap On tool box, or you are looking for the best way to sell used Snap On tools, you will find good deals at a variety of different venues.


Private sellers often offer up used Snap On tools and tool boxes for sale using the classified sections of various online platforms like CraigsList, and others. You may also find private sellers offering used Snap On products on specialty automotive repair forums. For a wider selection of Snap On products and prices you can check out online auction sites like eBay, and others.


For those who want to see and feel their tools before purchase, pawn shops like Pawn America, offer the ability to inspect your Snap On tools and tool boxes firsthand before committing to purchase. Pawn shops offer an excellent resource for both purchasing and selling used Snap On tool boxes and tools. Generally the more common style of tool box is a larger garage style one on wheels, similar to the one seen in the beginning of this blog. You can expect to find used Snap On tool boxes ranging in price from $1,000 - $2,000 and tool sets ranging in price from $100 - $500 at Pawn America, or other pawn stores across the United States. 

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