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Which Pawn Shops Are Open On Sunday?

Pawn shops are a great place to sell your items for cash. However, how can you be sure if your pawn shop nearby is open to selling? How can you tell if a pawn shop is open today? How about how long pawn shops are open? One way is to go to Google and search for “Pawn Shops Near Me.” Based on your geographic location, Google will make suggestions. Another way to search for a pawn shop open today is to go to Yelp. This website provides detailed information on pawn shops near you and rates them so you can find the best pawn shop possible. You can also find out if your pawn shop is open any day of the week, including Sunday. Keep reading to find out more information about pawn shops when you end up finding your way there! 

What will a pawn shop not buy?

  • Stolen property. If you are not the legal owner of the item, a pawn shop will NOT buy the item from you. It is best to return stolen property. Let’s say, for example, you find a smartphone on the side of the road. You can’t pawn it, because you can’t prove ownership of the phone. Don’t attempt to sell stolen goods.
  • Used electronics, video games, and movies. Used video games and DVDs are a dime a dozen, and many pawn shops no longer accept them due to their low worth. However, if you are looking to sell your used electronics, this site specializes in online electronic pawn items. Don’t throw away all of your used electronics, however- some video games are rare and sought after. Use this link to see if your old video game is secretly a treasure!
  • Pre-owned weapons. Unless you go to a pawn store specifically created for taking in weapons, the chances of you selling a used weapon or gun at a regular pawn store are not very high. If you are interested in selling weaponry, it is best to find a pawn store that will purchase and buy guns. Many pawn shops do accept weapons, however, so don’t give up! Find a pawn store that will buy guns here.
  • Pearls. Out of all the jewelry you could sell, pearls are one of the least valuable. It takes a pearl expert to figure out whether or not a pearl is real, and most pawn shop owners do not have a pearl specialist on hand. It isn't worth bringing in your pearls. However, if the pearl is surrounded by other precious gemstones, it may be worth a look to a pawn shop employee. Try finding other types of jewelry to sell, as those are more profitable.
  • Phone cases. While smartphones are profitable at a pawn shop, it is not profitable to sell their accessories, as the accessories are usually damaged or scratched. If you plan on selling your phone case, you don’t have a large likelihood of making a sale. Some people have been able to sell brand-new phone accessories to pawn shops, so it may be worth a try to ask your local pawn shop what their policies are.

What can I pawn to get money fast?

  • Jewelry: Jewelry items are one of the top items to sell quickly at pawn shops. Although pearls were mentioned earlier as a low revenue item, other types of jewelry are sure to make a profit. Try bringing in jewelry with diamonds or other precious gemstones. Rings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and earrings are all accepted at most pawn shops. Many customers end up inheriting jewelry, and if the customer doesn’t find the jewelry useful, they can pawn the jewelry and make a profit!
  • Musical Instruments: Musical instruments of any kind have amazing resale value, and pawn shop employees know this. Your musical instrument (as long as it’s in good condition) is one of the most valuable items you can pawn. This is why you will see plenty of guitars at pawn shops!
  • Sporting Goods: Do you have plenty of sporting goods equipment lying around, such as fishing supplies, helmets, bats, and memorabilia? It is worth a try to take it to your pawn shop! Certain types of sporting goods, especially collectible memorabilia, are very valuable.
  • Smartphones: Smartphones are an item that almost everybody needs in today's society, and pawn shops are always looking to buy quality, undamaged smartphones. If you have an extra phone lying around, take it to the pawn shop for some extra cash! Also, check with relatives to see if they have extra smartphones that they are willing to part with. With their permission, you can sell their phones as well!


How do pawn shops determine prices?

  • They find the value of your item, known as the current appraised value.
  • They evaluate the condition of your item, as this impacts how much you can make off of it.
  • They then use their research system to determine an item's value.
  • All items are tested to make sure you get the most money for the item.

Hopefully, you now have an idea of where to find your local pawn store, understand what hours they are open and if they are open on Sunday, and what you can and cannot sell to make a profit. Happy pawning!