Careers at Pawn America®

Pawn America® is so much more than a job!

  • You'll meet great people.
  • You'll learn more than you could imagine about retail sales and product value.
  • You'll get great benefits like Health, Dental, Life Insurance, 401(k), Vacation and Holiday Pay.
  • You will acquire better people skills, sales and communication skills.

But, even more importantly than that, Pawn America® Team Members discover a great sense of purpose and pride in work.

Why Pawn America®?

Pawn America® is a growth company that has expanded every year since the company was founded almost twenty years ago. Twenty-two stores in nearly twenty years and growing means more opportunity for you. In every one of those years, Pawn America® has consistently reinvested back into the company. The future looks bright at a time when good jobs are becoming increasingly scarce.

The Team concept at Pawn America® allows for company growth and achievement while creating an atmosphere of listening, communication and feedback. Owner Brad Rixmann's door is always open. Training is fun and comprehensive. Pawn America® Team Members are very good at their jobs. It's the reason why you'll want to come to work every day.

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