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Pawn America Extended Service Plan

Pawn America Extended Service Plan

When buying any new product, it’s important to consider purchasing extra protection. If you buy anything and it ends up not working properly or is needing to be replaced, a Pawn America Extended Services Plan could benefit you.

The Extended Service Plan is available in all of our retail stores located in the state of Minnesota as an optional add-on for many of our products (such as consumer electronics) that protects your purchase for 6 months. Considering purchasing this as an option to protect your item down the road may be a great option for you.

Pawn America tests every product before it is placed onto the sales floor and again by request before you bring the product home. When we test our products we make sure that every item we take in will do the job it’s meant to do. We also only take in inventory that we feel serves a purpose for the next user. Everything we know about the condition of a product will be given to you. Your Extended Service Plan gives you an extra layer of protection so you can be confident that your product will perform as intended.

Benefits to Our Protection Plan

       Normal Use: Complete coverage if your product fails due to normal wear and tear/usage.

       Transferable: Increases resale value

       Replaceable: If the covered product fails to operate properly, we pay the cost to repair or replace your product

What is Covered?

Ask a Pawn America Representative if the product you’re interested in can be covered when you are looking for a product. Most of our inventory qualify for the Extended Service Plan, including:

       Notebook Computers


       Home & Car Audio Products

       Video Products


       Golf Clubs


If you rely on the device you purchased at Pawn America to run your business and quick replacement is important to you, buying a protection plan could be a great idea.

If you may need to get a repair down the line with normal wear and tear, consider looking up what the cost could be and compare it to the protection plan price we offer.

Before you buy, get information about the claims process, so you know what’s covered under what circumstances, what you have to do to submit a valid claim, and how long it takes to receive a replacement. Asking the questions are critical to making the right decision for your needs. For more information on everything Pawn America Extended Service Protection Plan at Pawn America, click here.