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Is Emerald Good for an Engagement Ring? All You Need to Know

Those days are gone. The one when a classic diamond on a gold band did the trick. Today, it’s all about getting original. Buy an antique, a birthstone, or even just a really cool wide band with little gems in it. 

The more creative, the more thought you show, the more she’ll love it. 

You don’t even have to spend a ton of money. 

The latest question on what to propose with involves emerald engagement rings. 

Are they good or bad? Can emeralds serve other purposes? When should you buy an emerald? There’s a lot to consider. 


Alternative gems

First, what’s so wrong with diamonds?! You’re wondering why they are falling out of fashion? 

Several reasons. 

Diamonds have been around forever and were always considered the go-to for engagement because of their clarity, their purity, and of course, their rarity. The rarer the better. 

But life and the widespread media outlets caught up with diamonds, and many people lost interest in diamonds once they realized their history. 

Many diamonds, we came to find out, were mined in African villages by young children forced into slave labor. Many lost their lives from refusing to work or just poor working conditions. Some were murdered. 

All to put a diamond in a display case so someone can spend thousands of dollars they may not even have to propose marriage. 

Do you see how that leaves a yucky taste in the mouths of many? 

Sure, there are alternative diamonds, once that are fairly traded and sustainably sourced. There are also diamonds made in a lab, which can be just as stunningly beautiful as mined diamonds. 

And of course, if you buy an antique or used diamond ring from a pawn shop you are in no way complicit with the blood diamond industry. 

But still, this is why diamonds have fallen out of fashion for many. 

Which is great news for other gems that are just as lovely, and often lovelier, like emeralds. 


Emerald rings

Emerald gemstones have been mined in Egypt for thousands of years, dating back to at least 330 BC, and some estimates place emeralds at 2.97 billion years old. 

The word emerald comes from the Persian word for “green gem.” 

The emerald has a long and wild history. 

Cleopatra was known to favor Emeralds, even claiming ownership of all the mines in Egypt during her reign. 

Egyptians used emeralds in most of their jewelry, and in elaborate burials. 

Cross the ocean and you find emeralds also in mines in Colombia, in South America. The mines were so well hidden that it took Spanish conquistadors 20 years to finally find them after landing in the new world. 

Today, emeralds stand as a symbol of loyalty, new beginnings, peace, and security. It is also the May birthstone. 

The biggest symbolism behind emeralds, however, is romance, which makes them ideal gems for engagement rings and other romantic gifts to someone you love. 

Who Should Wear Emeralds? 

Truly, anyone can wear an emerald, but it can hold particular significance for the following purposes:


Anyone who was born in May should be showered with emeralds. If it’s your birthstone, wearing an emerald is thought to bring you extra luck. You can wear them on your ears, on your neck, or on your wrists or fingers, and you will be covered in fortune. 


Emerald romance

Because it is a romance stone, anyone can give an emerald engagement ring as a symbol of everlasting love and commitment. 

Emerald engagement rings come in a wide variety of options, from 18k gold emerald rings to white gold emerald rings with diamonds. You can pick and choose at pretty much any jewelry store, and if you select from a pawn shop or antique store, you are much more likely to get a ring with a lovely history. 

Egyptian or Colombian Origin

If you hail from Egypt or Columbia, or you’re just a huge lover of one or both of those countries, civilizations, and cultures, emeralds would be a great way to show your support for the people there. You can buy sustainably sourced emeralds and support the industry as well.

Elizabeth Taylor Fan

The queen of the screen for many decades, Elizabeth Taylor was an avid admirer of emeralds, and she even had her own pendant made. If you love Liz, you should definitely have an emerald on hand to embody your favorite actress. She also played Cleopatra on the screen, so you’re showing your love for both very strong women. 

Love the Color Green

And of course, if you’re one of those people who has a strong preference for a single color, and yours is green, you should be buying up emeralds at your leisure. This gemstone shines bright and will shout to the world that your color is green and that you are in a constant state of luck. 

Types of Emeralds to Buy

And of course, you can just buy emeralds because you like them. Again, there are a variety of types to choose from, including, but not limited to the following: 

Emerald with Silver

A nice affordable choice, emerald with silver is a great option when you just want to buy a sweet gift for someone you love or care about. 

It’s a fun investigation to make through pawn shops and antique stores to see what you can find. 

Emerald with Platinum

Platinum was all the rage for several years, so you are likely to find a nice selection from which to pick if you keep your eyes open and check around with pawn shops online. Platinum is a nice sturdy metal that holds up better than white gold and silver and will shine for much longer. 

Emerald with White Gold

If you just have to have gold, but you want that silvery sheen, emerald with white gold is a wonderful option. It is also usually less expensive than platinum but more expensive than silver. So, a nice happy medium. 

Emerald with Gold

Emerald with gold

For a throwback look, like the Egyptians, Colombians, and Elizabeth Taylor had, you must match your emerald with gold. It’s a very classic look. 


You have many options when it comes to rings, from a single gem to a band of gems all around, or even a combination of emerald with diamonds or other gems. 


Drop gems, a single gem on a post, or even dripping with emeralds, these gems make lovely earrings. 


Emerald necklace

Finding a pretty emerald necklace is like finding a treasure. Be on the lookout for a small gem on a delicate rope to grace the neckline of any woman in love and luck. 


Emerald bracelet

This is something you just don’t see very often: an emerald bracelet. If you’re going for originality, this is the choice for you. 


Then there’s the old brooch. No one wears these anymore! But if you can find an emerald brooch in a shop, you can bring history and magic into the life of whoever you give it to. 

Like any precious stone, emeralds will hold their value and even grow in value depending on the market. You can count on them to be much more affordable than diamonds but still a worthy competitor to the average diamond. 

And remember, you are speaking about how much you love and think of the person to whom you gift an emerald in your originality. 

Take your time, browse your favorite antique shops or pawn shops, and pick out the perfect gem for the woman you love and plan to spend the rest of your life with. 

Especially if you can bring her an emerald engagement ring unlike any other, she will be so in awe of the gift, she cannot possibly say no. 

In fact, she’ll likely rush right out and show all of her friends and family, and surely your ring will end up on social media!

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